Powder painting of parts

Powder painting of parts

Advantages of powder painting of metal products

  • Strength and durability of the painted product;
  • Ecological usefulness of the technology itself and high consumer characteristics of the coatings;
  • High physical and mechanical properties of powder coating minimizes damage to painted products during transportation and subsequent use of products;
  • Increased adhesion (adhesion of particles with the painted surface on the distance of 500 nm)
  • Ability to operate in a wide temperature range from -60 to +150С;
  • Absence of streaks and wrinkling of coatings during drying;
  • Always available more than 300 colors, shades and textures.


Suitable for powder painting:

  • Powder coating – Metal products
  • Powder coating – Advertising constructions
  • Powder coating – Trade equipment
  • Powder coating – Auto parts
  • Powder coating – Motorcycle parts
  • Powder painting – Doors
  • Powder painting – Scallops
  • Powder painting – Pipes
  • Powder painting – Cross-section
  • Powder coating – Fences
  • Powder painting – Children’s playgrounds
  • Powder painting – Sports, training grounds
  • Powder painting – Forged products
  • Powder coating – Metal furniture
  • Powder coating – Accessories
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Cutting: in DXF or DWG formats. Drawing AutoCAD dxf (* dwg) in scale 1:1. On one of the elements of the contour, have to be indicated with the overall size for verification of the scale. Specify the number of parts, thickness and grade of steel.

Marking and engraving: in formats AI, CDR, DXF, DWG.

Bending: in PDF format.

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