лазерная резка металлических изделий

Advantages of laser metal cutting

Laser cutting of metal products at lazerrez.com has a number of significant advantages over other cutting methods. Of the many advantages of this technology, it is worth noting the following.
• The thickness range of products that can be successfully cut is wide enough: steel – from 0.2 to 25 mm, copper, brass, aluminum-based alloys, stainless steel.
• When using laser devices, the need for mechanical contact with the workpiece is eliminated. This allows you to process easily deformable and brittle parts with this cutting method, without worrying that they will be damaged.
• It is possible to significantly reduce the cost of production, which is ensured by a higher speed and productivity of the cutting process, reduction of waste volume, lack of need for further machining.
• It is easy to obtain a product of the required configuration using laser cutting, just upload a drawing made in a special program to the control unit of the laser device. Everything else with a minimum degree of error (accuracy up to 0.1 mm) will be performed by equipment equipped with a computer control system.
• Laser cutting machines are capable of processing thin sheets of steel, as well as products from hard alloys, with high speed.
• Laser cutting of metal is able to completely replace the expensive technological operations of casting and stamping, which is advisable in cases where it is necessary to manufacture small batches of products.
An accurate calculation of the cost of work is provided after consideration of the drawings, taking into account the number of insets, the length of the contour and the volume of the order. If you need laser cutting of metal in Kiev, please contact us!

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