NGO Balenko Packaging Engineering

– has many years of experience in the production of variety of equipment. Laser cutting and bending of sheet metal is performing by one of the divisions on new and precise equipment. Laser cutting is possible both from the Customer’s material and from our own. Orders are executed promptly.

Bending of the metal

The presented procedure is carried out on modern equipment, which makes it possible to make the construction of the required shape without the use of welding machines.


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is carried out on modern equipment of our company with a minimum amount of waste, without violating of the physical properties of the material.



We improve every day, so we use only the latest technologies in the field of bending and cutting of metal, based on the needs of the customer.


Specialists of our company have many years of experience in manufacturing parts of various levels of complexity from metal!

Our company in Kiev serves metallographic work on order: bending of metal, laser cutting of metal, powder painting, engraving and marking of metal. We will provide you with excellent cutting quality. The birth of the laser is 1916, when Albert Einstein proposed the concept of radiation. Lasers are used for many purposes. Laser cutting of metal is the heat treatment of metal by a laser beam, has a very small width and a small thermal effect, which makes it possible to cut very complex shapes. The main factors are the laser power and the supporting type of gas. Our company in Kiev deals with laser cutting of metal on stainless steel and black steel. We guarantee zero deformation in the material and minimal roughness. There are many parameters that affect the quality of cutting, but when all these parameters are properly controlled, the laser cutting process has good quality, reliability and flawlessness. The parts are cut with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. Bending of metal is a technological process, practically without working with metal. The process of metal bending is carried out without the aid of welding or other joints. Our company in Kiev is engaged in: flexible metal, laser cutting of metal, engraving and marking of metal, as well as powder painting of metal. We guarantee durability, high reliability, good appearance. If you need high-quality and inexpensive bending of metal – then contact. We will gladly fulfill your order! Powder painting from professionals in Kiev. The surface of the metal, powder coated, is baked at a high temperature of 180-200 degrees to cure the paint, thus obtaining a painted surface that becomes part of the metal. We are engaged in painting finished metal products, as well as any metal components for products. We have vast experience in this field, we guarantee quality and compliance with deadlines! Laser engraving and marking of metal in Kiev. Laser engraving gives you the ability to create high-precision and, above all, durable inscriptions. Specialists of our company have a wide experience of laser technologies in the most diverse fields of production. We are happy to advise you on the topic of laser engraving and inscription on metal.

For Clients

Modern equipment and high quality products will satisfy the most demanding customers. Every year the range of our services grows, and the quality is always on top!


 All employees have the necessary education and experience in this field. NVO “Balenko Packaging Machinery” management pays special attention to safety at work (necessary training is carried out, the level of knowledge of employees is checked).

File requirements

Cutting: in DXF or DWG formats. Drawing AutoCAD dxf (* dwg) in scale 1:1. On one of the elements of the contour, have to be indicated with the overall size for verification of the scale. Specify the number of parts, thickness and grade of steel.

Marking and engraving: in formats AI, CDR, DXF, DWG.

Bending: in PDF format.

Note: in case of questions, please contact us by the phone.

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